Fee Structure

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Fee Structure

Services rendered by HKN are billed on the basis of hourly billing rates of the Advocates to whom a particular transaction is assigned unless an alternate arrangement is agreed with Clients. The individual rates of the Advocates vary on the basis of the expertise and standing of a particular Advocate, and are subject to revision on an annual basis. The Firm is prepared to agree alternate fee structures that best suit Clients or the requirements of a particular transaction. Generally, Clients adopt one of the following fee structures:

Retainership Arrangement

A retainership arrangement envisages full time retention of the Firm for matters that may be referred. Retainer fee is agreed on the basis of the nature and scope of services required on a continued basis and covers advice, opinions, meetings and discussions on referrals up to a pre-agreed number of hours on a monthly or quarterly basis. Such retention does not cover advice on specialized referrals and any litigious representation, the fee for which is agreed on a case-to-case basis.


Project-Based Retention

A project based retention arrangement may be offered with regard to specific transactions or projects requiring legal assistance and support. Fee for such matters is determined on the basis of the complexity of the project, the number of Advocates required to render the required assistance, the location where the services are required and other similar considerations.

Fixed Fee Basis

The Firm is also prepared to offer required services for a pre-agreed and fixed fee acceptable to Clients. Although, specified referrals requiring opinion on a matter of law may be accepted by the Firm on such basis, this arrangement is considered most conducive to arbitration or litigation proceedings. The fixed fee may be agreed on the basis of the total scope of work in a contentious matter or on the basis of each appearance before the adjudicating authority.


Other Arrangements

HKN is prepared to consider other arrangements deemed appropriate by Clients.